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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some say we’re lucky

Craig and I picked up the fifth wheel on January 17 from Camping World in New Braunfels. While we pursued this mission, Will stayed with my Mom and Dad and enjoyed terrific spoiling there, while Cory and the dogs took residence at Aunt Susan and Uncle Mike's home and had their own dose of spoiling there.

We had planned on spending most of Saturday overcoming our tremendous learning curve with the camper's functions. As it turned out, there was a delay in delivery with a mix-up regarding the installation of an additional hitch for a future bike rack. The Camping World people were apologetic, but we weren't particularly concerned as we had set aside the day anyway. Delivery would be delayed until sometime Sunday, forcing us to stay another night in the comfy quarters at the Hampton (oh, drat!).

In the afternoon on Saturday, we were set to practice hitching and un-hitching with J.D., a service manager. As we drove past him to the area where the camper was parked, J.D. made an acute and vital observation on our front passenger tire. A huge (grapefruit size) bubble had emerged on the interior sidewall. Needless to say, J.D. insisted and we heartily agreed that hitching lessons immediately took a giant step backward in priorities and we drove directly to Discount Tires to replace the front tires.

As we drove and reflected the remainder of that day and continuing today, we are so thankful to have been spared a certain horrible accident (with or without the trailer) if the tire had blown at highway speed. Several people commented on how lucky we were while some mentioned something about 'someone's looking out for you'. We are convinced that God delayed the delivery of the trailer until we were alerted to our need for the new tires. God is good – all the time. All the time – God is good.